White Pearl

If you are curious to know the answer, we are excited to tell you about the same! Well, Pearl is an organic precious gemstone. It comes in the colour ranging from white to bluish-grey. ‘Mollusc’- a living creature produces the pearl inside its body. Pearl is also known as ‘Mukta’, Chandra ratna’, ‘Tarak Ratna’, or ‘Margarita stone.’ The pearl cost per carat it depends on various factors that would be discussed here later.

Did you know pearls come with immense healing properties to support the wearer? It is known to calm the planet Moon in the birth chart of the wearer. Pearl is also believed to act as the birthstone for people, who were born in the month of June.

How to wear Pearl (with Puja Process)?
When it comes to ensuring the optimum results from pearls, it must be paired with silver. Moreover, one part of this gemstone should be in contact with your skin.

You need to wear the pearl in the morning of any Monday. Note that the pearl must be worn in times of Shukla Paksha prior to sunrise in your last finger. In order to purify and activate the pearl gemstone, you need to execute the steps below:

Immerse the pearl ring in the mixture of pure water, honey, and raw or non-boiled milk.


Let your ring sit in that mixture for 20 to 30 minutes.


Chant the mantra “Om SomSumaye Namah” 108 times.


Then, wear the ring immediately on your right hand’s small finger.