Red Coral

Red Coral Gemstone Munga) 
Connecting you with the power and passion of the oceanic worlds, the corals are known for their emphatic ability to help you learn new skills and contribute in building something innovative from the earlier existing resources. This is the reason why the coral gemstones are quite popular among businessmen, builders, artists and many more other professions too. The red corals are one of the most popular corals. The red coral gemstone represents the planet Mars (Mangal) in Indian astrology and are also known as the ‘Moonga Stone’. The red coral is also popularly known as Lata Mani, Praval Ratna, Sinduja and Marjaan. The red coral stone or the moonga gemstone instantly captures anyone’s attention because of its lovely sheen, deep bright red color and smooth surface. The original red corals are amorphous and are formed deep inside the ocean. These organic original red coral gemstones are actually formed by coral polyps which are marine animals. This is another reason why the original moonga stones are so expensive! In other words, as the original red coral stones are formed by marine creatures and are not mined from our planet, they come with a hefty price..

The discussion of red coral benefits remains incomplete without mentioning the gemstone’s ability of solving blood related diseases.

The coral stone benefits can also be enjoyed in form of better digestion and better blood circulation.

Also, strong and focused concentration are also counted among significant red coral stone benefits.

The stone is also believed to be helpful in calcium deficiency issues, headaches and anaemia.

The other moonga stone benefits include enhancing and refining the leadership & management skills, teaching better leadership qualities and strengthening will-power and self-determination